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Higher Level Stewardship - Natural England

HR2 Native breeds at risk grazing supplement - up to £70 per ha.


This supplement encourages the use of appropriate native breeds of livestock of which Derbyshire Gritstones are on the recommended list for grazing to help achieve the aims of relevant options.


Evidence suggests that some native livestock breeds have attributes that are particularly well-suited to harsh climatic conditions, to difficult terrain, to grazing semi-natural vegetation and to achieving conservation objectives.


This supplement is also designed to contribute towards the genetic conservation of native breeds at risk.


You can use this supplement with a range of options, please refer to Section 3.4 of the document for details.


The number and breed of livestock, and the way in which they are managed, must be suitable for meeting the objectives of the option(s) to which the supplement is added.


Only pedigree-registered animals, and/or their genetically traceable, purebred offspring, are eligible because of the need for independent verification by the relevant recognised-breed society.


You are advised to seek the view of your Natural England adviser about which native breeds may be considered suitable for grazing your land early in the application process. HR2 can also be located on the same parcel as HR1 – providing their combined payment rate does not exceed the maximum rate for HR2.

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