Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society




Outstanding day at Clitheroe on October 13th - another excellent atmosphere similar to 2017!



Female trade was on fire again with Single Females topping £300. Champion pen of 6 females went to S Field and realised a new record price of £450 per head!



Records fell twice firstly Robert Fielden's shearling tup topped the list at 4,200gns to Peter Cooper but about 15 minutes later John and Craig Kempson went one better selling at 4,500 to Rob Evans!

Champion male was a shearling from Philip Read which realised 1,900gns selling to Stan & Alan Heathcote. Reserve Champion male went to Mark Tattersall for a tup lamb which went on to make 2,800gns going to Rob Evans.


Here’s a run down of the top priced tups 2018 - 17 tups over 1,000gns!


John & Craig Kempson (shearling tup) 4,500gns to Rob Evans


Robert Fielden (shearling tup) 4,200gns to Peter Cooper

Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn (shearling tup) 3,500gns to David Eggleton

David Eggleton (2-shear tup) 3,400gns to Sam Barratt

Mark Tattersall (tup lamb) 2,800gns to Rob Evans

S Whitehead (shearling tup) 2,800gns to Clive Mitchell

Philip Read (shearling tup) 1,900gns to Stan Heathcote - CHAMPION

Megan Needham & Josh Redfearn (shearling tup) 1,900gns to Whitwells

Tim Harding (shearling tup) 1,700gns to David Eggleton

David Eggleton (tup lamb) 1,400gns to Robert Fielden

Mark Tattersall (tup lamb) 1,100gns to Jonathan Shorrock

John & Craig Kempson (shearling tup) 1,100gns to Martha Bland

Tim Harding (shearling tup) 1,100gns to Stan Heathcote

David Eggleton (shearling tup) 1,000gns to Jensen Bowden

RS Howard (shearling tup) 1,000gns to Richard Greenwood - 2nd PRIZE SHEARLING

RS Howard (shearling tup) 1,000gns to Alice Hayton

A&A Spooner (shearling tup) 1,000gns to Mr Ayre


Below - The Champion 2018

12108122_623439441092351_1522935976959655327_n Philip Champ 2018