Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society


Show/Event - Winner



Todmordon Show - John Pickard (Tup lamb)


Great Harwood -  


Honley Show - Clive Mitchell (Shearling tup)


Harden Moss - Clive Mitchell (Shearling tup)


Great Yorkshire Show - Jim & Christine Scriven (2-shear tup)


Royal Welsh Show - Jensen Bowden (Tup lamb)


Halifax Show - Clive Mitchell (Shearling tup)


Trawden Show - Edward Howard (2-shear tup)


Mottram Show - Jensen Bowden (Tup Lamb)


Chipping Show - Edward Howard (Shearling ewe)


Poynton Show -


Hope Show - Sam Barratt & Nat Shawcross (Shearling Tup)


Champion of Champions - Edward Howard (2-shear tup)


Kilnsey Show - Jim & Christine Scriven (2-shear tup)


Westmoreland Show - John & Craig Kempson (2-shear tup)


Hayfield Country Show - Josh Redfearn & Megan Needham (Shearling tup)


High Peak Show and Sale (Bakewell) -


Clitheroe Show and Sale - Philip Read (Shearling tup)

2018 Show Results