Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society


The Derbyshire Gritstone as a Meat Producer

No exceptional attributes can be claimed by the Gritstone as a producer of meat when compared to the terminal sires of Texel or Charollais however, it does compare very favourably with other hill breeds.


The Derbyshire Gritstone produces a clean, lean meat carcass required by the retail trade as well as high class, prime quality mutton which, being clean has a long shelf-life.


The Gritstone is a quick grower, and one attribute the breed can claim is its ability the fact its lambs develop quickly and mature early to a good carcass length, and on the hill have been recorded ready for the market from 68 to 104 days (10 to 15 weeks) with liveweights to 40.35kg and carcass weights to 21.34kg.


The accepted maturity of the Gritstone lamb in most hill flocks is to between 17.25 and 18.5kg dressed weight in 16 weeks, with a carcass to 21.34 kg in 10 weeks on lower marginal land.  Wether Iambs kept-on can often command a good trade at Christmas.


The breed's lambing performance, coupled with the Gritstone ewe's reputation as an exceptionally good mother, means the Gritstone is a reliable meat producer on some of the UKs most challenging terrain.


In more recent times the Gritstone has been crossed with a wide range of terminal and lowland sires to enhance its meat producing qualities - most commonly being crossed to a Texel or Charollais ram.

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