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Gritstones as a Cross - Flock/Breed Improver

Beulah Speckled Face


Gritstones have been used for a number of years to improve the quality of many breeds - whilst it is not written down anywhere it is known that many rams have been purchased to be used as crossing tups to improve a range of characteristics.


Using a Gritstone ram will:


  • Add body, size and power to your flock

  • Reduce the presence of horns

  • Improve the fleece quality of many hill breeds

  • Better define face and leg colour


A breed where you can see the impact of Derbyshire Gritstones is the Beulah Speckled Face, a traditional Welsh breed.  The Speckled Face Sheep has been bred on the hills of Eppynt, Llanafan, Abergwesyn and Llanwrtyd Wells for over one hundred years.  Many of the traits

Beulah Tup Beulah Ewes

Derbyshire Mules


Gritstones can also be crossed to Blue Faced Leicester to create the Derbyshire Mule.

Derbyshire Gritstone x Texel


Gritstone females crossed with a Texel ram create a very sound commercial sheep.