Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society


Breed Promotion

The Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society actively promote the Gritstone breed and encourage membership of the Society by various means. These include:


  • Staging breed promotion stands at major agricultural shows and events to promote the qualities of the breed and to advise prospective Derbyshire Gritstone flock owners.


  • Shows include National Sheep Associaton events such as Northsheep where the Society had a breed trade stand and various pieces of literature promoting the breed.



















  • Producing articles for publication in the agricultural and smallholding press to promote Gritstone sheep and their breed qualities both as a pure or crossing sheep.


  • Advertisements are also placed in the Farmers Guardian and other publications.


  • The Society also produce promotional literature and other documentation, which is distrubuted to members new, old and prospective to promote the Gritstone breed.

DGSS Banner 2 North Sheep Stand