Derbyshire Gritstone Sheepbreeders Society


First ram to top 1,000 guineas

In 1983 at the Haslingden sale in Lancashire the Derbyshire Gritstone breed established a new record.  The first time a price in excess of 1,000gns had been paid in the breed.  


Described by some, as the best Gritstone tup ever seen - the record price of 1,060 guineas (£3,514 in todays money) was set when Edward Earnshaw of Meltham bought a two-shear ram from Tom Earnshaw of Clivinger.  This tremendous price reaffirmed the Derbyshire Gritstone as one of Britain's most profitable and practical breeds of sheep.  


The ram was in the Stud Flock Book and recorded as Holme 113.

Holme 113 - 1,060gns

Holme 113 (1983) - Photo taken by Tom Montgomery